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    Born and Raised in Western Kentucky, I was introduced into videogames by my older brother when I was 7 years old. What started as a Hobby turned into a Passion. After watching my brother play for a few years I started to notice that there were FPS games. I got into Call of Duty and Halo because at the time we had a X-Box. When I was 10 I begged...
    Welcome to Monstercat FM
    A 24/7 VOD friendly music stream of non stop Monstercat music!
    Monstercat: Call of the Wild
    Tuesday - 1PM PDT / 4PM EDT / 9PM BST
    Join our Interactive Hub for the full experience
  • Some off the Games we play at the CeltS

  • CeltS TV - Community Streamers

    We are brand new to the Streamer side off things and are looking to build a strong community of like mined Streamers who want to grow. 

    We are looking for gamer's that like to stream spreading positivity and love in the community. What we want to achieve is to grow as a Streaming community for new and old streamers alike improving streams and attitudes one step at a time! 

    We encapsulate a group of streamers of all varieties large and small, who stream a variety of games We also provide a Discord for Streamers to call home and chill We are here so we can show each other support and grow as a Community 

    If you think you would like to help each other grow that would be Awesome 

    Cmty Retweet #celtssupportstreamers

    Twitch Community & Channel

    https://www.twitch.tv/communities/celts_tv [twitch.tv] Give us a Follow 
    https://go.twitch.tv/celts_tv [go.twitch.tv] 

    Streamers united - A community of supportive streamers

    Est. Oct 2017

    CeltS TV - Community Gamers

    We are a Friendly bunch off People that love to Hang out play Games and have fun doing it! We are always looking for new people to join us for a few games.

    We are always willing to help out where we can and make you feel right at home. Pop onto our Discord and say hello,

    We hope to here from you soon     

     We also are well respected Anti Cheat Community in the gaming community, with over 1552 bans of Oct 2017



  • Live Streamers -- Click on Videos on top off Forums for live streamers

    Happy New Year

    By IrishAceKavo,

    Happy New Year from CeltS TV 

    Thanks for all the fun, and lovely moments we shared
    May we have lots more in the glorious New Year.

    2018 Will be a Awesome year for the Community, Streamers, Gamer's, Viewers, Regs.

    We hope you have a Amazing year ahead and only Good things happen for use all this new Year.

    Thanks to Every one that Stuck by the Community in some hard times, Use are the Best and We could only Ask for more people like use around the community.

    Thanks to all the Awesome new People we have around the Community in the last few Months.

    We have Growing so much in the last 3 months with some hard work put in to get things started for what can only be a good year ahead.

    We have Big plans for the Streaming and Gaming Side of things for this Year and this will open up new Roles for People in the Community.

    A New year a New Start we can only see good things happen this Year and We can not wait to go on this journey to reach all of our Goals for 2018. 

    Thanks you for all your Support 

    Much Love to you all.

    CeltS TV 

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    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

    By IrishAceKavo,

    We here at CeltS TV would love to wish everyone a very merry Xmas and a Happy New Year  #MerryChristmas 


    CeltS_TV is now Twitch Affiliate

    By IrishAceKavo,

    We are happy to say we are now Twitch  Affiliate.

    We would like to thanks you for your Support over the last few weeks to make this Happen.

    On words and up-words  



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