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  2. Brendan Greene speaks out against copycats. In the wake of PUBG's ever-growing success, a number of established games have spun their own interpretations of the battle royale formula. Several clones have since surfaced too, which has caused Brendan Greene—aka PlayerUnknown himself—to speak out against the lack of copyright protection in the games industry. Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Gaming Show (via Newsbeat/gamesindustry.biz), Greene stressed that while he's keen to see the battle royale genre continue to grow, more needs to be done to prevent rip offs. "I want other developers to put their own spin on the genre... not just lift things from our game," says Greene. "For that to happen you need new and interesting spins on the game mode. If it's just copycats down the line, then the genre doesn't grow and people get bored." To this end, one particular clone that comes to mind is this Chinese Terminator 2-inspired mobile game that appears to mirror PUBG in both style and appearance. The following footage of that popped up on Reddit earlier this
  3. Battalion 1944 - Alpha Update v0.3

    Battalion 1944's third Alpha Weekend is coming on Friday August 18th-20th starting at 6PM. Watch for info on some of the bigger changes you can expect to see!  Read the full change log on our website here: http://battaliongame.com/news/alpha-v...
  4. Battalion 1944's second Alpha Weekend is just around the corner. Our new jr Community Manager and ex CoD4 pro phantasy has put together a preview of what's in store for Alpha backers this weekend. This in-game footage has been edited for entertainment purposes. Read the full details of the giveaway on our website here: http://battaliongame.com/news/alpha-v... Follow us on social media: Facebook - www.facebook.com/Battalion1944/ Twitter - www.twitter.com/battalion1944 Web - http://battaliongame.com/ _____ Voicians - Wolves SPOTIFY: https://goo.gl/Ce8PEv YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/voicians FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/voicians TWITTER: http://twitter.com/voicians
  5. Battalion 1944 - Alpha v0.2 Update

    Battalion 1944's second Alpha Weekend is coming. Watch for info on some of the bigger changes you can expect to see!  Read the full change log on our website here: http://battaliongame.com/news/battali...
  6. It is *very* anime. Legrand Legacy, an openly old-school turn-based JRPG, will launch on PC on January 24, 2018, according to its newest trailer. Astoundingly, that puts the PC version a full year ahead of the console versions. What sort of loopy reverse-land have we entered? Legrand Legacy is a game drunk on old JRPGs, citing Suikoden, Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy as its key inspirations. You can see that in the story: as Joe reported last year, it's set in a war-torn world and stars a motley crew of reluctant heroes whose bonds, you see, are the universe's "true peril." It also uses 3D models and 2D environments to emulate the visual style of its ancestors, and its combat system features QTE-esque, timing-based follow-up attacks. As Crunchyroll reports, developer Semisoft further explained the combat in a recent press release: "Exploiting enemies' weaknesses and unleashing powerful attacks is key for victory," Semisoft said. "Craft weapons and unlock new magic abilities as the enemies become fiercer." There's also a range of activities outside combat, like sidequests, NPC recruitment, and the obligatory fishing minigame. Legrand's Legacy history may be the most complicated thing about it. It was already two years in development when it first appeared last November on Steam Greenlight (which doesn't exist anymore) and Kickstarter. Its Kickstarter campaign says it was unsuccessful, but according to the most recent update, its base goal was in fact met—it's the stretch goals that weren't funded. A playable demo popped up on GameJolt around the same time, and is still available for download today. One way or another, it's January-bound. Check out the previously released cinematic trailer for a story primer.
  7. SF5's season three characters revealed, too. The Street Fighter beat 'em up series turned 30 earlier this year. Capcom has now revealed the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection—a celebratory bundle of 12 games spanning three decades. Due in May 2018, the Collection boasts Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2 and—cue long list of superfluous appendages—Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition, Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact, and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. Catch your breath after that with a trailer: What's more, Street Fighter executive producer Yoshinori Ono unveiled all of Street Fighter 5's forthcoming season three fighters at this weekend's PlayStation Experience. Following the finals of the 2017 Capcom Cup tournament, Ono confirmed Sakura's return with the following trailer: Sakura's reentry to the series had been rumoured for some time, however Capcom also dropped the following trailer which features Sagat, Blanka, G and Falke—of latter of whom appears to be tied to Ed in some way. Timewise, Sakura expected to arrive with the launch of the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition on January 16—which we know boasts over 200 nostalgia-driven endings—while the other characters are as yet without hard release dates.
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    Born and Raised in Western Kentucky, I was introduced into videogames by my older brother when I was 7 years old. What started as a Hobby turned into a Passion. After watching my brother play for a few years I started to notice that there were FPS games. I got into Call of Duty and Halo because at the time we had a X-Box. When I was 10 I begged for my own system and I was rewarded with a PS2. After a few years passed the PS3 came out. After upgrading to that from my PS2 I start my online gaming campaign. From Raging as a "squeaker" to Throwing a controller across the room. I've done what every online player has done. Now I wish to share my experiences wish you all, the viewers. So Smack That Follow Button, so you know when I'm Live.
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  14. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds have just released the new Desert map on the test server. Here is my very first game and first impressions. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun here! FPS is good too. Leave a LIKE and a comment. Join my Discord: http://www.discord.gg/jackfrags Connect with me: http://www.instagram.com/jackfragsythttp://www.twitch.tv/jackfragshttp://www.facebook.com/jackfragshttp://www.twitter.com/jackfrags
  15. Update 1.10 out now. Fortnite Battle Royale has become a great, arcadey alternative to PUBG's plodding pace, reckons Samuel Horti and I couldn't agree more. Developer Epic Games outlined plans to improve the online shooter's overall PC performance last month—and its latest update targets exactly that. Battle Royale's update 1.10 is live now. Hitting the likes of CPU performance, framerates, animation trail effects and particles, glider physics and rendering lighting and shadows, among a number of other things, Fortnite BR's latest patch is busy on the performance front. Check out the full extent of the update's performance nips and tucks in this direction. Beyond that, players can expect changes to aim assist—it should now be easier to lead targets with the sniper rifle, for example, however reloading now takes place outside of scoped view—and a new inventory UI. The latter looks like this, wherein Epic aims to "ease a lot of the pain points for controller players and A host of other less immediately obvious fixes have also been made to UI, audio and spectating. Update 1.10 will be applied automatically the next time you sign into the Epic launcher. Check out the latest patch notes in full over here.
  16. Hanzo, Junkrat, and Roadhog are three of many characters set to receive Legendary skins. Overwatch's Winter Wonderland seasonal event returns December 12, bringing with it old and new holiday-themed character skins as well as a new Brawl, Mei's Yeti Hunt. In the above developer update, game director Jeff Kaplan teased a few heroes that would be receiving new Legendary skins: "two of our favorite junkers," also known as Junkrat and Roadhog, as well as Hanzo, who will be receiving an outfit that has been previously seen in one of Overwatch's comics. The holiday brawl from last year, Mei's Snowball Offensive, will be back this year—both on Ecopoint Antarctica and now Black Forest as well. A new holiday brawl is also on deck: Mei's Yeti Hunt. This new mode will pit five Mei players against a single overpowered Winston (no doubt sporting his Yeti skin). In the mode, which takes place on the Nepal map, the Mei players will start out hunting Winston while he tries to evade them and track down stacks of meat. Once Winston has enough meat, his Primal Rage ultimate will activate, sending him into a monstrous fury. At that point, the Mei players' sole objective is to run away and survive. We expect to get a glimpse of more skins leading up to the event next week. Personally, I'm hoping for this Santa Reinhardt outfit that's been making the rounds.
  17. 'We're all alone and they just keep coming.' The first big announcement out of The Game Awards came right at the start of the pre-show, and it's World War Z, a four-player co-op survival-shooter inspired by the "blockbuster film franchise." The World War Z campaign will focus on "unique survivor stories and missions around the globe, including New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem," Saber Interactive said. Players will have to use traps, barriers, and the environment to survive and fight back against rampaging hordes of undead. "Saber has tons of experience working on high-quality games and they've done a great job capturing the massive, frantic hordes of 'zekes' that sets our franchise apart,” Bil Bertini of Paramount Pictures said. “They have created a fiercely original experience in the rich universe of World War Z that fans are sure to love.” World War Z is currently expected to be ready for release in 2018. Find out more about wwzgame.com.
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    ill try get on for a game
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    The server is alive, who wants join on Sunday
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    Pineapple on pizza ftw. Nice intro
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    Arma 4 life
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    Nice one man, i will pop on for a game, i am a Arma Noob but i like it when i have played
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