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What are your favourite food dishes etc?

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I know this is a weird one but oh well, helps me decide on what takeaway i should get next......... Post your favourite dishes or even some pictures of dishes you have made yourself and you feel they are worthy of my amazing food expertise.......(i can make a mean cheese toastie)

keep those food dishes coming....i love food!!!

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Local near me does a good selection of burger meals. 

Double burger with cheese, bacon and mushrooms. 

Southern fried chicken burgers

Burger with blue cheese and mushrooms. 

Me like. 

Also steaks and ribs. 

But if I went a takeaway, I have little choice here but we have a cracking Chinese. Sweet and sour with special fried rice. 


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PIzza and Chicken... And if you're trying to make yourself a dish then you can try liking some page on Facebook like Food Panda, Delish, Tasty and more. You will surely appreciate cooking after following these page. 

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i like a lot off different foods i can't say i have a favorite, i eat chicken meals more than most.

what I eat the most - 

Chicken - Beef - Pork - Stake - Fish, but not all kinds - Sausage, i eat them cold as-well - Potato's - i am Irish - I like my Vegetables also, i eat a lot off white bread i no i shouldn't but i do,  to much to say really :joy:

I like - 

Italian - all 

Indian - most 

Chinese  - most

Turkish [Kebab]  

Irish - all 

the odd Fry up ( Irish breakfast ) bacon, sausages and black and white puddings, beans, mushrooms, egg, hash-browns, tomatoes Soda bread or Toast  .

In that order 

As for sweet things i do not eat them regularly at all i do not have a sweet tooth as they say, i do eat chocolate bars and the odd candy sweet.

As you can see i eat anything i can get really 



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Damn Kavo you food Hoover :p if you guys are ever somewhere abroad near the sea that spells Mahi Mahi then give it a try as it is the best fish I have ever had, it's also called a dolphin fish. Alligator tail nuggets should definitely be given a try as well, super tasty.

Italian favourites: 

rafeal ravioli 

penne sacillia (I think that's how it's spelt)


butter chicken with egg fried rice and peshwari naan


most things, love Chinese food so much

and best of all are roast meats like pork, beef or a nice big bit of ham. Also bacon and steak are the best things on the planet or even steak wrapped in bacon.


also macaroni pepperoni pizza................

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