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RULES: Read Before Posting!

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Welcome to the CeltS_TV Community,

This section of the forum is a great place to introduce yourself and talk about your channel.

Please don't post Post links to sites other than Twitch , Mixer Pro, You-Tube Live, Give us a introduction about you, your stream and the neat stuff that you do!

If you’re not a broadcaster, feel free to also introduce yourself here, we don’t limit this just to broadcasters. You're all a part of the community and we still want to get to know you, even if it's not through your own stream.

Note: You might need to follow some off the community streamers before they follow you back, You can let them no on Discord or Private message, there is a list on these streamers on these forums



Copy  & Paste

Who are you? -

Time table? -

What Games do you Stream? -

Where are you from? -

What language do you Stream in? - 

Link to Channels - 

Twitter - 

Any other info - 


Post your introduction here

Happy Streaming CeltS

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