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Fortnite and PUBG cheating

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I downloaded Fortnite to see what its like and yea it looks fun and its free atm. But I decided to google what was going on regarding cheating in the game. Any hope that Fortnite might offer a better anti-cheating environment then PUBG is a pipe dream I am afraid. In fact, as it is free to use what bans are handed out are short lived. Cheaters simply make a new account. Personally, I have nerve played a completive shooter that did not have cheats in the game. You can pull your hair out (I can’t as I don’t have any) but as things stand gaming and cheating are not parting ways anytime soon. 
Perhaps when developers start on a project with anti-cheating as the first value they put in place and not the last or even worse an after the fact one, we might see some progress. Of course, you cant separate the advent of loot boxes and the advent of trading items and the rise of cheating, its all connected. You say with some justification that microtransactions are the root of all evil in the gaming world but we and the developers have no wish to admit this because they want the money and we think we want the crap in the box.
As long as players keep buying their games and engaging in this microtransaction market, cheating will only grow.  In some games, you can rent and run your own servers but unless you have a staff of in-game watchdogs it doesn’t stop cheating. In that environment, you kick a cheater and they only move on to another server.  Just pick your favourite game and google how to hack it and there is no end to what is out there to help you do just that.  But why oh why do we complain and act as if we are victims?
In any other sales arena, we have learned that “buyer beware” puts the responsibility on the person buying to he happy that the product is what it says it is.  Do we look at how cheating is going to handled and stopped in the new games we buy? No. Do we boycott games that have no plans to combat cheating on the box? NO.  Do we stop ourselves from buying into the hype and prelaunch sales push that never has a word to say about cheating in it? No.  So why the f**k do we cry and bitch about the developers f**king us when we keep bending over willingly with our jocks around our ankles.
The only way this will ever change is if the customers stop buying games that have no upfront plan around combatting cheaters. Could you imagine if this was, say, credit cards, and that every time someone got their card or card details stolen and used, the bank would say "too bad m8 it's all your loss and we want the interest too?"  Well, cheating in games is just as mad atm and we the consumer are just giving our money away for crap that is flawed at the deepest level. If it is missing at its core a way to stop cheating it's not a finished game for the market today and should not be sold without a large warning on it.  "This game is open to cheating but believe us we will fix that, maybe."  If you saw that in a game would you buy it?  Yes, because like me you are a dumb ass.
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