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    Who are you? I'm Herla Cyning also known as HerlaUnderscoreCyning Time Table? Well, I have one on my Twitch Page which I try to follow as much as possible but my work (shift work) sometimes doesn't let me. What Games do you Stream? So far it's been Battlefield Hardline, Andromeda and CoD:MW3, with my new PC I will stream much more games in much higher quality, mostly in the shooter category. Where are you from? I'm from a sort of small village in Germany near Hanover, Lower Saxony. What language do you Stream in? English, I also reply in English to German comments. Link to Channels TWITCH Twitter HERE Any other info As an Introvert it's not easy to Stream O_O What do you guys talk about when no one is asking questions? Uh, and I like pineapple on my Pizza
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    I'm known has Bionic I don't have a time table yet but i pushing streaming a lot i've stream over 25hrs in last 10 days or so I stream Destiny 2, Rocket league, Football Manager PUBG and many others I am from the UK I Stream in the English language My Twitch link is https://www.twitch.tv/bionic_866 My Twitter is https://twitter.com/Bionic_866 I stream to have fun and i will play with anybody that likes to have fun has well cos i'm not the best gamer lol
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    OIOI Celts Clanoogles, I have not long ago built my own site where people can listen to LIVE streams and OFF AIR streams but more important for all those that are into Old Skool and DnB and Jungle, you can download ALL my sets that I have done over the last year and a bit I have recorded as there are well over 50 available to download and you can get them all @ http://www.djredeyedjedi.com/download-my-mixes.html . Please enjoy and share as they are all FREE. Nuff Luv Fellow CeltS!
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    'We're all alone and they just keep coming.' The first big announcement out of The Game Awards came right at the start of the pre-show, and it's World War Z, a four-player co-op survival-shooter inspired by the "blockbuster film franchise." The World War Z campaign will focus on "unique survivor stories and missions around the globe, including New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem," Saber Interactive said. Players will have to use traps, barriers, and the environment to survive and fight back against rampaging hordes of undead. "Saber has tons of experience working on high-quality games and they've done a great job capturing the massive, frantic hordes of 'zekes' that sets our franchise apart,” Bil Bertini of Paramount Pictures said. “They have created a fiercely original experience in the rich universe of World War Z that fans are sure to love.” World War Z is currently expected to be ready for release in 2018. Find out more about wwzgame.com.
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    The server is alive, who wants join on Sunday
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    Im having trouble with the server i was at all last night
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    I'm looking to get a server for this mod at the weekend if i get time its just got big update
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    good intro. btw. Pineaapple in Pizza? plz ban (kappa)
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    nice intro, i dont mind Pineapple on pizza, you know its wrong but what the fuck haha
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    OK peeps we have a new logo for the community it is for community streamers to use if they wish to use it - link the twitch community to the logo https://www.twitch.tv/communities/celts_tv/details
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    I think it looks great, nice and bright and simple
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    Nice! Soon PUBG will have 3 million active players at the same time. Awesome.
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    Here I am rockin' like a slight brezze
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    Ty <3 the people are great here!
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    Hello I am Crestbear. It usually starts at 3pm CT. What ever I've got the buzz for. I am from Brazil. Mainly English but I talk portuguese if need be. https://www.twitch.tv/crestbear_ ~ I like watching cutscenes there pretty!