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  1. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the forums See you in stream soon Kavo
  2. caul__shivers

    Name - Shivers Location - Still in the womb Age- 29 Work - Top Flight Security Hobbies - Wing Chun, Kicking ass and taking names and gaming like an addict!
  3. americanlive/

    Hey! I'm Clayton, 26, Houstonian, and New Streamer! I'm just starting out and have a long way to go! But I plan to be on most all days off to entertain and game! My primary games are Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, and Counter-Strike.
  4. AmericanLIVE @ Twitch!

    hello and welcome to the forums man Happy to have you as part of the community Kavo
  5. thesoutherncowboy

    Hello everyone I am 27. I am originally from South Carolina, but I live in Pittsburgh, PA now. I have been playing video games since I was 5 years old. I am a Army Vet. If you want to play feel free to ask. Feel free to follow me on twitter @thesoutherncow1.
  6. Hello

    Hello and welcome to the forums Nice intro You are more then welcome to be a community streamer Welcome to the community Kavo
  7. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year from CeltS TV Thanks for all the fun, and lovely moments we shared May we have lots more in the glorious New Year. 2018 Will be a Awesome year for the Community, Streamers, Gamer's, Viewers, Regs. We hope you have a Amazing year ahead and only Good things happen for use all this new Year. Thanks to Every one that Stuck by the Community in some hard times, Use are the Best and We could only Ask for more people like use around the community. Thanks to all the Awesome new People we have around the Community in the last few Months. We have Growing so much in the last 3 months with some hard work put in to get things started for what can only be a good year ahead. We have Big plans for the Streaming and Gaming Side of things for this Year and this will open up new Roles for People in the Community. A New year a New Start we can only see good things happen this Year and We can not wait to go on this journey to reach all of our Goals for 2018. Thanks you for all your Support Much Love to you all. CeltS TV
  8. More fixes to come, the team promises PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' transition to version 1.0, marking its exit from Early Access, added a fair chunk of content. You can now run around the new desert map, Miramar, shoot new weapons, drive different vehicles and experiment with the climbing system. All good stuff. But unfortunately, some players have had their fun ruined by performance issues, with servers plagued by lag and rubber-banding. The development team discussed those issues in a blog post yesterday, and rolled out a patch—the first since version 1.0 released—to try and address the problems. Lag and rubber-banding (or "character position readjustment issues", if you prefer), were caused partly by the addition of the new content, as well as an upgrade to the game engine that rolled out alongside it, the team explained. To fix the problems, they have "removed some inefficiencies in server infrastructure and optimized in-game servers". Specifically, they reduced "the bottleneck during the game server launch phase and also resolved some server hitch issues". The upshot is that you should have less lag next time you log on. But it doesn't sound like the team are confident the problem has completely gone away. Indeed, they are trying to come up with new ways to address the issue on a daily basis. "After today’s update, we will be running some internal tests and deploying more updates to gradually mitigate the problem," they said. "We are currently examining several measures including server optimization and server logic modification to address the multitude of causes. On top of this, we will continue our efforts to further investigate remaining causes." The patch has also addressed a few game bugs, the largest of which was giving players a disproportionately higher chance of landing on a Miramar server over one running the game's original map, Erangel. I can't say many people were complaining (it's new, after all), but the chances are now 50/50. Click here for the full patch notes.
  9. The next highest game is Dota 2 with 1.29 million. It was inevitable, wasn't it? PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds keeps blasting through milestones for concurrent players: in September it was 1 million, in October it was double that and now, following its Early Access exit, it's hit the three million mark. To put that in perspective, the next highest game, Dota 2, has a record of 1.29 million (although it hasn't broken 1 million since February). I did read a few headlines earlier this month claiming PUBG had already reached three million, but it turns out they were wrong (and that there were a few fake charts floating around). SteamDB confirmed the achievement earlier today on its Twitter account, and Steam's official stats page is also showing today's peak players at 3,106,358. The question now is: how high can it go? I suppose numbers are likely to be inflated right now because lots of people have time off of work and school. And as you can tell by the time gaps between the million milestones, its growth is definitely slowing. But I'd be surprised if player numbers tailed off anytime soon. What's the ceiling? 3.5 million? 4 million? (Whisper it) 5 million? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Alongside the concurrent player record it's hit another, more worrisome milestone: 1.5 million players banned. Cheating has been a problem for a long time in PUBG and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Admittedly, I don't see many hackers in game (perhaps I'm not good enough to get matched with them...), but I see a lot of other players posting videos of cheaters slithering around in the prone position faster than you can normally sprint. The number of bans was confirmed by BattlEye, the game's anti-cheat service. The development team promised to do more to combat hacking back in November, saying that it was rolling out new methods for catching cheaters. Clearly, whatever it did was not enough, and if there's anything that could hold back the game then constantly coming up against hackers is it.
  10. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

    We here at CeltS TV would love to wish everyone a very merry Xmas and a Happy New Year #MerryChristmas
  11. Desert map custom games, password is dropped in http://discord.gg/stonemountain64 since this is live across all platforms. ------------------------------------------------- http://bit.ly/TipMountain http://bit.ly/StoneMountaineer (http://bit.ly/mountaineeralert) ► Sponsors: Fnatic (10% off code "Stone") - http://fna.tc/STONE Discord - https://dis.gd/StoneMountain64 ------------------------------------------------- ► Help me reach 2 MILLION subs: http://bit.ly/StoneGoal ► Help me reach 100k subs to my gameplay 2nd channel: http://bit.ly/StonePlays **Thumbnail photo: https://twitter.com/RECfilming ► Join the squad & become a Mountaineer! Directly support the channel through http://stonemountaineer.com Social: http://www.facebook.com/StoneMountain64 http://www.twitter.com/StoneMountain64 http://discord.gg/stonemountain64 http://www.instagram.com/StoneMountain64 https://shop.studio71us.com/collectio... Info: http://bit.ly/StoneSchedule http://bit.ly/SM64setup World's Best Gaming Clips = http://bit.ly/BestClipShow Top PUBG plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysPUBG Top Battlefield 1 plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysBF1 Top R6 Siege plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysR6S Top Battefield 4 plays = http://bit.ly/TopPlaysBF4 http://bit.ly/YOLOBattlefield http://bit.ly/AWALcasting I am a YouTuber and Facebook livestreamer uploading commentaries, YOLO, casting, and top plays with new episodes every Monday. StoneMountain64 is my gamertag and online name. Video games mainly featured are shooters including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Battlefield 1, Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch, For Honor, now including a variety of other games as well. Join the community of legends http://bit.ly/StoneGoal.
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    Nice one man best of luck to you all