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  1. Clan Night 5th of September @ 8

  2. Planetside 2

    This made me laugh I added the quote twice!! Cheers Sy (F.A.O. Kavo: Hi mate - I got no "like" or "Edit" buttons bud - could you fix???)
  3. Planetside 2

    Sweet We are getting the band back together...so-to-speak lol This is great....hmmm...I wonder if the CeltS will take over the world one day?!?
  4. Planetside 2

    Hi gang, I have just downloaded the free version of Planetside 2. Anyone interested in getting together for a Planetside bout of, haha, Battlefield???? Sounds like fun getting CeltS in Space and kicking bottom Just remember that there maybe new players to the game.....erm....noobs is the correct term I think?1? ( Haha I know I am one ) For those of you who already have the game, this could be a great opportunity for you to teach/guide/Yoda the new players in what is what with the game. Replies to the post is welcome Cheers guys n girls Dag
  5. Upcoming games

    There are some good. Some bad.....and of course......some VERY ugly!! Ayi Ayi Ah - Wa-wa-waaaaah!!!
  6. Clan Night 5th of September @ 8

    No worries mate
  7. Clan Night


  8. Clan Night 5th of September @ 8

    Will try and make it mate....reinstalling BF4 plus Addons, and due to snail broadband, it may take a while haha
  9. Kick Back Sundays Nights

  10. Clan Nights, what you want to play?

    Hmm, my pc issues....When playing BF$ all is great till I get into a match and then....all works around me but my char lags and stutters so I have to leave the game. Just gave internals a good clean and dust....so will see the if that helps games to run properly ....or not That's as far as much of technicno-phobic problem shooting goes I am very sorry to say (PC's hate me!!!)Lol
  11. Clan Nights, what you want to play?

    Once my pc is running properly, if I have the game I shall try to join you guys
  12. What do you use???

    Voice activation
  13. Congrats to Zeusee

    'Grats bud Niceone!
  14. Congrats to Steve

  15. Congrats to Steve

    Congrats Steve Well done that man!