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  1. STOW DUh winning

    This is my First stream with all the above Requirements https://www.twitch.tv/videos/238186526
  2. Introduction

    Hi I am new to Streaming Looking to build a viewer base any follows would be Appreciated. Help me do this thing let me know what kind of overwatch content you like. This Channel is to show my team Climb in season 9 in Overwatch(Comprised of Bronze and high silver players) help support us in this climb. I have named the team the Crusaders! I also play Legue and a bunch of other games.
  3. I am LFG of High silver or high bronze players to make a 4-6 stack with, that consistently wants to play 4-5 nights a week from 9pm--11 pm est. A mic and a can do attitude with the will to improve and climb is a must. I Know my gameplay has improved vastly this season and would like to climb.

    I used to play with controller sense season 1 to 7. (which Gave me a huge Handicap to others on PC) At the beginning of season & I still used Controller then my controller broke. From that point on I have only played with KB & Mouse stopped Playing Competitive for that season. I focused on getting my Mechanics with Mouse and KB better. At that point I came to the realization that my MMR and Skill Rating Took a huge hit cause on my Peasant ways...lol

    I feel that my game sense is good, but same as mechanics I always strive to do Better. I record all my games and watch them to see where I Can and need to Improve. I know I was in bronze cause I belonged there for my first 7 seasons For my again "Peasant Ways" and almost climbed out in solo Queue. I know there is more people just like me that want to climb watch all the Pro games and Strat Videos. As well as use other tools like watching back and Reviewing There games for improvement.

    So come with me lets make this happen for us work together climb together. pull our selves out this so called Ello hell and not blame other players. For why we are in Bronze or Silver(granted sometime it does have to do with our teammates). Lets Build each other up not tear each other down! Check my Stats for this season they are Pretty good IMHOP. However as always there is room for Improvement.