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  1. Fortnite and PUBG cheating

    I downloaded Fortnite to see what its like and yea it looks fun and its free atm. But I decided to google what was going on regarding cheating in the game. Any hope that Fortnite might offer a better anti-cheating environment then PUBG is a pipe dream I am afraid. In fact, as it is free to use what bans are handed out are short lived. Cheaters simply make a new account. Personally, I have nerve played a completive shooter that did not have cheats in the game. You can pull your hair out (I can’t as I don’t have any) but as things stand gaming and cheating are not parting ways anytime soon. Perhaps when developers start on a project with anti-cheating as the first value they put in place and not the last or even worse an after the fact one, we might see some progress. Of course, you cant separate the advent of loot boxes and the advent of trading items and the rise of cheating, its all connected. You say with some justification that microtransactions are the root of all evil in the gaming world but we and the developers have no wish to admit this because they want the money and we think we want the crap in the box. As long as players keep buying their games and engaging in this microtransaction market, cheating will only grow. In some games, you can rent and run your own servers but unless you have a staff of in-game watchdogs it doesn’t stop cheating. In that environment, you kick a cheater and they only move on to another server. Just pick your favourite game and google how to hack it and there is no end to what is out there to help you do just that. But why oh why do we complain and act as if we are victims? In any other sales arena, we have learned that “buyer beware” puts the responsibility on the person buying to he happy that the product is what it says it is. Do we look at how cheating is going to handled and stopped in the new games we buy? No. Do we boycott games that have no plans to combat cheating on the box? NO. Do we stop ourselves from buying into the hype and prelaunch sales push that never has a word to say about cheating in it? No. So why the f**k do we cry and bitch about the developers f**king us when we keep bending over willingly with our jocks around our ankles. The only way this will ever change is if the customers stop buying games that have no upfront plan around combatting cheaters. Could you imagine if this was, say, credit cards, and that every time someone got their card or card details stolen and used, the bank would say "too bad m8 it's all your loss and we want the interest too?" Well, cheating in games is just as mad atm and we the consumer are just giving our money away for crap that is flawed at the deepest level. If it is missing at its core a way to stop cheating it's not a finished game for the market today and should not be sold without a large warning on it. "This game is open to cheating but believe us we will fix that, maybe." If you saw that in a game would you buy it? Yes, because like me you are a dumb ass.
  2. mass effect andromeda

    I have had an extended period of gameplay without any issues I am delighted to report. I'm really enjoying this game and it has totally left up to my expectations. So many wonderful characters to explore in multiplayer and so many different ways to fit and arm them that changes the gaming experience. Gaming concept is simple you must achieve all the veriest objectives and then extract and often this comes down to doing so by the skin of your teeth. Trying to revive a fallen teammate while the bullets fly and your health bar is rapidly depleting. Yea it's lots of fun

    I heard this morning that the game code is vulnerable to hacking and this is a growing issue.

    I came across this game. Look interesting. http://store.steampowered.com/app/578080/ You are dropped onto an island (40 players I think) the fighting zone keeps getting smaller. Last team standing wins. anyone interested?
  5. mass effect andromeda

    So apart form any issues I am personally having with the game, is mass effect andromeda any good? The absolute answer to that question is yes. Put aside all the things that they have announced they are going to fix and accept the game was released to early. A choice that EA made out of business and fiscal timing policy needs over anything else. On the one hand the developer team set their ambitions on delivering bigger and more of everything to the point of creating a rather large stick they are now being beaten with. On the other EA, a sales and marketing company, who are know for driving product to market in the relentless need to generate revenue, and you have the potential for greatness and disappointment all in one. I mean did we actually need so much in game dialogue? Not really but ambitious people always set targets for themselves and marketing people always love a unique selling point. Another 6 or 8 months of development would have seen a vastly different result. So yea all that crap apart. The heart of the solo game is amazing combination of fantastic environments and wonderful exploration while what've they call multiplayer and I call Coop offers some of the most intense gaming I have ever experienced. My eyes actually sting because I can't blink during matches in fear I might miss something and get trapped and killed. The satisfaction of completing a round successfully is as good or even better then any game I have ever played and I know I can experience that every time I play a round. The win or lose possibility is knife edged stuff and yet you have to fight or you will die, there is no hiding places. So many wonderful choices and play styles to experience, so many guns and powers to try out. I've only scratched the surface of this game. I don't care EA just fix it and all will be forgiven. The coop isn't broken for everyone but for those like me who are having issues it's a true mark of the brilliance of this game this I keep trying to play it despite all the crashing I'm experiencing. ME3 was one of the best games ever made and ME4 is every bit as good and will be better once it is sorted out. If you want intense gaming fun buy this game.
  6. My Dream PC

    My dream PC is one that is working! The usb sloths on the top of my new box are faulty so off back it goes so what do you think of my open plan layout?
  7. mass effect andromeda

    I seem to have figured out how to fix this issue. I posted the details on then EA forum you can read it here if you are interested EA LINK
  8. mass effect andromeda

    Well I WAS having fun playing the coop but the last patch has caused some major problems for some people including me. My coop part of the game has become extremely unstable. It's been crashing at the end of coop sessions and even sometimes failing when trying to launch it. It's disappointing. I hope they fix it soon.
  9. mass effect andromeda

    Well I finally got my hands on the game. There is a lot to be happy about and a lot of problems too. The character graphics and physics are well, not good. The environments are amazing. Lip sinc is off and plenty of other issues too. But for me it not the solo game that is my first concern. I had hoped they hadn't messed up the coop. So yea it's brilliant. The same intense madness as ME3 but now in better looking places. They are working on fixing the solo game and other issues but I'm happy once the coop format delivers the same game experience as I so enjoyed in ME3. My advice to anyone getting it avoid the solo game until it's patch out and running properly. Go play the coop there is plenty to do there. There re is an EA app like battlelog
  10. Hey ConocthEU, Thank you so much for the donation of 20.00 GBP, you make this clan stronger and we will live Longer! So much respect! CeltS
  11. Ghost Recon beta

    So I played the new Ghost Recon beta. What a wonderful environment. It was interesting yes but what did we really learn? I was left with more questions than answers by the beta. In these sorts games the AI determines just how long you end up playing the game. From the what the beta offeres us, and once you put aside just how pretty it all looks, I was left feeling it's all to predictable. As long as you don't mess up and follow a logical semi stealthy approach to everything it's not very challenging or all that interesting. No WOW moments, no OMG reactions. I never once felt like I must do that again. Yes I did return to some sites a number of times but only because there was little else to do. Yea there is lots to unlock but just how much impact it has is not clear. From what I have seen you could have completed the beta without any upgrades or weapon mods. The best thing was playing with others but that's not anything new. Like the division I think this game will hold your attention as long as it's all a new experience but once the gloss is gone, it's only the friends you play with that keeps you playing. So my conclusion is from what I have seen unless you are a committed Recon fan and have deep pockets wait until it drops in price because it's not worth the price as it stands. Perhaps some good deals will show up. I never played far cry but people tell me this is a lot like that game. You can recruit local rebels call in mortar etc. There are some to my mind crazy disparities. On the one hand fall off a not so high drop and you die but drive you motorbike off a mountain side and apart from some smoke you walk away unhurt. You get to one shot kill almost every npc with your sniper rifle but npc sniper have to hit you 3 or 4 time to kill you even in the higher game difficulty settings, and when you add this unrealistic side to the rather adult story line of drugs and torture, I could not make up my mind who this game is targeted at, adults or kids? Now I did have fun playing it and if the premium was around the price of the basic game I would buy it but not at its current price. I foresee this game being hacked a lot.
  12. Watch Dogs 2

    you can get it for 24 euros here https://www.kinguin.net/category/31943/watch-dogs-2-uplay-voucher/
  13. Watch Dogs 2

    What a very enjoyable game Watch Dogs 2 is. I never played WD1 so I can’t compare the two but by all accounts, it's a far better game. Set in San Francisco WD2 is graphically spectacular. The map while is not endless never feels confined and you can roam anywhere. The overall single word that captures this game is “Choices” you have so many it’s quite incredible. There lots of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, guns, and of course gadgets. There are so many ways to play this game from stealth to bad ass explosive in your face mayhem. You any combination of the same. The main protagonist that you play as is perhaps a disconnected from his actions a little too much. After sitting on top of a high building killing random people with a sniper rifle, for example, has not impact on your moral stand as a vigilante for the “poor and downtrodden”, against the evil system. He simply has no dark side to him not matter what you do or how you play but that is the only fault in this brilliant entraining game. If you choose to use non-lethal methods to play your way through the game, which is very hard things to do then he matched his personality. Not only is this very difficult its very time consuming too. For most people who play this game and more mix and match between playing styles is simply more fun way to play. The game has many side activities including karting, motocross, car racing and yes even yacht sailing. There is a huge amount of side missions and after 34 hours of gameplay where I have done quite a lot of the main mission I have logged up 40% of the main game objective. So yes I think there is plenty to do and see in this game. There is very little to get frustrated about in the game. Resource farming is still an enjoyable activity in itself and you can get what you want relatively quickly as time seems to fly by when you are playing. I have played The Division, another city-based game by Ubisoft, and while I enjoyed it, it was full of problems and was relentlessly bleak devoid of any humor. WD2 is, by contrast, funny and upbeat. It reminds me of the first GTA in the way you find yourself laughing at some random crazy NPC interaction. You come across some crazy guy with no clothes pissing against a pillar under a freeway or watch as a set of random events unfolds when you hack a cop car on a busy street. Some NPCs are just your typical obnoxious bastards of the world and in this game, you have free rein to meet out vengeance is many ways. The missions combine interesting puzzles and objectives and are not in any way repetitive. There is, of course, limited multiplayer and coop modes which I have not fully explored yet and even if they proves to be less than perfect this came is well worth the investment. I have a top five of all time list and Watch Dogs 2 is now on it by virtue of how much I am enjoying it. Something may well replace it before anything else on my list but hey the fun is now right? My Top Five all-time list of games/franchises in no particular order. Doom series Fallout series Battlefield series Watch Dogs 2 The Elder Scrolls
  14. The Time Paradox

    Of course everyone's idea of what is a great game is a personal concept. So recommending anything is a risky business and yet we love to do it. As a kid I remember the old B/W free standing arcade games like space invaders that stood in the chipper munching up our pocket money. We thought they were amazing and at the time they were. My point is we change our ideas as we experience new things. Deep down we want things including games to be both innovative and at the same time be the same as what we are used to. This contradiction isn't sustainable in reality. So we we get good at one game and then a new one appears and suddenly our edge is gone. Frustrating isn't it? So why are some players more adaptable more able to keep up with change? Well it's a combination of factors. The first is simple enough and achievable by anyone. Practice! They say it takes ten thousand hours to master anything. So simply investing the time in game play will eventually pay off yes? The problem is new games come and go far faster than the 416 day that's needed to master them. But yes much of the skills are transferable from one game to another. The next important aspect is reaction time. Studies show that once we pass the age of 24 our reaction times begin to drop. So in general top level gaming is a young person's activity for biology reasons. You can combat this by continuing to play games but you can't stop ageing. Multitasking ability especially under pressure is another factor that is age related and games require this ability quite a bit. Attitude and emotional control also affect . Simply put emotions shut us down especially negative ones. Once we start to focus on how we are feeling valuable brain processing power is no longer available to us and our skil drops. It's kind of like that you can't get a muscle to work in two different directions at once. You can't react quick when you are replaying and feeling old emotions and what caused them in real time. Hands up I'm an old fart so not a lot I can do about that. I can practice and I can improve my attitude and do better controlling my emotional states when playing. Of course you could say to hell with all that just have fun. The more time you invest the older you get so it's a paradox that can't be avoided So to get back to recommending games or reviewing them, I will go on posting my take on what I am playing but please don't play any notice I just like to write.
  15. Mass Effect 4 (Andromeda)

    Back when Mass Effect 3 came out me and some friends started playing it. I must say it was a lot of fun both the co-op and the solo game. Lots of action and gear to try out. I hadn't been paying that much attention to Mass Effect Andromeda, but one of my old friends started to tell me about. I watched the promo videos etc and had a look on the forums too. It certainly looks like they have developed an interesting graphically rich gaming environment. They have been a fairly solid franchise so I would have faith that the new addition will be as good or better than the others. Its release date is March 21, 2017, so not too long away. I took a look on cdkeys and it going for 37 euros for the basic game, 60 is the normal price. I guess the deluxe offers extra stuff but frankly I never quite see the point. I for one have ordered it, so if anyone else is interested we can play together.