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  1. The 2017 CeltS warriors meet up

    right im ready for the next meet up when is the next one still got lots of beer here to drink
  2. The 2017 CeltS warriors meet up

    well what can i say i have never met such beautiful genuine nice people i wanted to keep you all forever it would be nice to see you more than once a year , and any of you are welcome to come visit and stay when ever you want or are passing by here , i had an amazing weekend and didnt want it to end . But thank you for taking the time effort and money to come here and make it so special and something ill never forget, The beers the laughter the food the love AMAZING
  3. LugasGaming - UK Based Streamer

    hello and welcome buddy
  4. CeltS Meet up 2017

    what time we meeting tonight guys ?
  5. CeltS Meet up 2017

    me to
  6. CeltS Meet up 2017

    i also think @7Drunk7 @IrishAceKavo @Demon @SlyDuck and @kevbrain007
  7. CeltS Meet up 2017

    me haha
  8. CeltS Meet up 2017

    shall we have a little meeting in the meeting room 1 night for those that are coming to see whats what
  9. CeltS Meet up 2017

    its a shame you carnt make it @MadDoG but as you say there shall be many more and i for 1 look forward to it
  10. CeltS Meet up 2017

    just get ya flight booked we can sort the rest out humberside and east midlands closest to us also robinhood airport just over an hour @IrishAceKavo
  11. CeltS Meet up 2017

    so was thinking if people coming down on the friday aswell as sat how about going indian for some food on the friday and beer
  12. CeltS Meet up 2017

    i checked the flights out @7Drunk7 bloody expensive to humberside and think its 2 stops, east midlands seems ok and its only notts way so about an hr and half from where i am also the old man @SlyDuck said hes joining us
  13. CeltS Meet up 2017

    hes scared of the english weather aswell though @IrishAceKavo to cold here for him anyways you got your plane ticket booked yet @IrishAceKavo lol
  14. CeltS Meet up 2017

    no bet its a lot isnt it 7973.11
  15. CeltS Meet up 2017

    why me and @Demon say you have to come www.skyscanner.net/transport/flights/za/man/cheapest-flights-from-south-africa-to-manchester.html?adults=1&children=0&adultsv2=1&childrenv2=&infants=0&cabinclass=economy&rtn=1&preferdirects=false&outboundaltsenabled=false&inboundaltsenabled=false&oym=1708&iym=1708&ref=flights_seo_landing_page see even found you a link for flights @DCeathstalker614