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  1. LFM Arma 3 Exile Z survivors

    Well zombies do die if you shot enough rounds in their body but in the end headshots kills instant so :P Yeah nice just let me and patch know on discord when you got time :)
  2. LFM Arma 3 Exile Z survivors

    So me and @Patch are playing Arma III again on a Exile Zombie server.And i am making a Arma III Shinanigans Youtube video's like what i did with the Dayz's onces :P So we are Looking for more members to play it with and make YT video's with :) You do need to have Humor because we are just screwing around :P Just Answer here or just PM me on Discord :D
  3. Call of Duty countdown confirms a return to WWII

    Yeah am going to wait a year till its cheaper etc :P last 3 COD games the zombie mode was broken as F couldt join random groups and barely friends.
  4. Call of Duty countdown confirms a return to WWII

    6 VS 6? if that is true that its already the worst before it comes out :P And unless the SP is over 20 hours long it still not worht it beside the zombie mode.
  5. Call of Duty countdown confirms a return to WWII

    Am in realy doubt with the COD series nowadays.Only fun about them is the zombie modes.
  6. LF VR Mates

    So as a few days ago i got the Oculus Rift :P So i was wondering if anyone els got a VR headset for the pc here? Or even the phone VR with a few shared games :)