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  1. Custom PC

    The new i5 8600 has six cores, most games currently won't support extra cores than 4 but will probably in the future. If you have the money go for an i7 but actual gaming performance increase will be minimal, it will however let you do more things while gaming like streaming etc. AMD are pushing for multi core cpu's, the only issue with them is if the game is not multithreaded then they'll run slower than an intel due to the clock speed being lower. If you go for a new i5 you'll also need a Z370 board as although they've got the same socket as the Z270 they're not work in the older boards,( just cause intel can sell more chipsets I guess). You could get a K series cpu for overclocking but again gaming performance won't really be affected for overclocking. If you video editing it would help. Try and get the fastest RAM you can get but it'll really depend on the Main board spec, Ram is ram in my opinion, go for a mainbrand if you can, at least you'll get some warranty with it. SSD I tend to go for Samsung, they seem to develop the fastest drives, and as it's a new m/board go for an m2/pciexpress type not SATA.
  2. Hey 7Drunk7, Thank you so much for the donation of 10.00 GBP, you make this clan stronger and we will live Longer! So much respect! CeltS
  3. PunkBuster Booting

    I was having the same problem, I just ran the punkbuster program in the Hardline install location, it runs a few checks and tests connectivity, it'll show if anything is blocking it. Mine worked after I did it.
  4. What pet do you have?

    My cat Leonard, Lenny for short.
  5. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has sold over 8 million copies

    I get that also, usually when I'm spectating so not an issue.
  6. Game of Thrones

    I reckon Daenerys is going to get nobbled and Jon Snow will have to control the dragons as he's a Targaryen anyway! But yes enjoying the show, Good that everyone's meeting back up, just feels like its ramping up for the last season. Somebody big has got to get nobbled anyway, it's the GOT way.
  7. Perhaps I'm showing my age but my Fav bands are; QOTSA, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Dinosaur Jnr, Pixies (my wife plays in a Pixies cover band). Newer bands would be Biffy, Manchester Orchestra. Favourite albums is a toughie, always depends what mood I'm in. Some electronica like Chemical Brothers always goes down well. Www.youtube.com/watch?v=REOd_hgjhic
  8. CeltS Meet up 2017

    Can do, how about this Friday night if everyone's around?
  9. CeltS Meet up 2017

    The nearest one I guess is Humberside, or even robin hood. I'm gonna plan to be at my folks, in North lincs for the week before so the kids get to see there gran folks. The wife is then gonna get train from Manchester on Thurdsday night, so could do Fri/Sat night and even Sunday night as it's spank holiday weekend in UK
  10. CeltS Meet up 2017

    Lisa and Les has said there's plenty of pubs in Alford town, http://www.halfmoonhotelalford.co.uk/index.html a couple have B&B if you're up for it. Apparently some indian summer festival on over the weekend. Meet up have a few beers, upset the locals, get burned at the stake.... should be fun ;)
  11. CeltS Meet up 2017

    Nice one, sounds good, I need to get to a festival again!
  12. CeltS Meet up 2017

  13. CeltS Meet up 2017

    I can do the meet up in Lincs for the Bank holiday weekend?
  14. 7Drunk7 is fricking AWESOME!

    Lol, I accidentally pressed the button twice, doh!