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  1. Mudrunner Spintyres

    The Game Spintires: MudRunner is the ultimate version of the million-seller indie hit Spintires coming to PC and, for the first time, consoles. Like Spintires before it, Spintires: MudRunner puts you in the driver’s seat and dares you to take charge of incredible all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme landscapes with only a map and compass as your guides! A huge upgrade over its predecessor, this edition comes complete with a brand-new Sandbox Map joining alongside the original game's 5 environments, a total graphical overhaul, a new Challenge mode with 9 dedicated maps, 13 new vehicles, and other comprehensive improvements. It’s not just an enhanced edition, it’s the ultimate off-road experience! Vehicles Drive 19 powerful all-terrain vehicles, each with its own characteristics and attachable equipment. These vehicles are designed to endure the most extreme conditions and terrains, but they're just the tools - only your driving skills will get them to the objectives! Here are some examples of the vehicles you’ll find in Spintires: MudRunner C-256 A-3151 C-65111 K-700 E-7310 EXTREME SANDBOX MAPS Venture across extreme landscapes, with only a map and compass as your guides! Complete objectives and deliveries by enduring extreme conditions across wild sandbox maps with dynamic day-night cycles. Overcome muddy terrain, raging rivers and other obstacles that all realistically react to the weight and movement of your vehicle, powered by the game's advanced physics engine. The bog Island Seashore Downhill Deluge Crossing PHYSICS & GRAPHICS Spintires: MudRunner comes with a total graphical overhaul and advanced physics engine, along with countless improvements: new vegetation and mud interaction, improved differential lock systems, better soft-body tire simulation, enhanced water physics, and much more. The environment and your vehicles also constantly react to one another, rewarding your best manoeuvers and punishing any slip-ups. MULTIPLAYER/COOP Play Spintires: MudRunner with up to 3 other players in online coop, and complete your objectives as a team! Winch your friends out of raging rivers, push them free from a muddy rut, or help each other out when you can’t get traction. Save your progress and continue whenever you want, thanks to the introduction of multiplayer saves! Reach your goals together, or venture into the wild and fulfill a mission alone! Mods Download mods through the Steam Workshop on PC and enjoy an ever-evolving off-road experience. You will be able to share and download new content created by members of the passionate Spintires community, including new maps and vehicles that push the boundaries of the game even further! NEW SINCE SPINTIRES 13 new vehicles All vehicles have their own characteristics and possible equipment. Each is suited to face different challenges, so choose wisely which you'll take for your missions. Vast Sandbox map Joining alongside 5 maps from the original Spintires comes a new sandbox map, filled with its own challenges for you to tackle.. Challenge Mode Hardcore players looking for a greater challenge will find just that in the suitably named Challenge mode, offering tougher missions across 9 dedicated maps. Graphical overhaul Visuals have been improved, offering enriched scenery and graphics across the board, on both the new and original Spintires' maps and vehicles. Gameplay improvements Comprehensive improvements have been made, including Multiplayer saves, tutorial, progression system, "recallable" vehicles, and the long-requested first-person driver view. Improved physics The already-powerful physics engine of Spintires has been improved in many aspects, with the addition of a lock system, better tire behavior, and increased interaction with the environment – mud, water, vegetation – for greater realism. Dynamic day-night cycle Keep track of the time of day! To enhance the realism even further, the day-night cycle also brings new challenges for off-road drivers.
  2. Visceral to be closed by EA

    https://www.ea.com/news/an-update-on-the-visceral-star-wars-project?isLocalized=true Sad times
  3. The Destiny 2 PC launch trailer is here

    Might just have to get this
  4. Custom PC

    I5 would be bare minimum now. I7 would be good. All depends on budget.
  5. Custom PC

    What's your budget mate?
  6. GingerWizard Stream Intro

  7. Check out our new Battlefield Hardline PREMIUM Server

    Very nice. Itll be popular too. Maybe I have to buy premium now though lol
  8. Hell Let Loose!!! Looks INCREDIBLE

    How good does this look. It has some serious potential
  9. Rockstar teases a Red Dead Redemption 2 thing for next week

    http://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=rdr2trailer2-09282017 No PC. Ffs
  10. New vehicles is good. I'm looking forward to night maps. Hoping that is in the pipeline for release soon
  11. If get this for the single player campaign when it comes down in price. Looks really good
  12. Rockstar teases a Red Dead Redemption 2 thing for next week

    Please god let it come to PC. I don't want to dust the ps4 off just to play this
  13. Maybe. But with 4 times the players and all that extra destruction and graphical changes (grass going flat etc) I can only see an utter mess. I hope I'm wrong though
  14. Looks great on the surface. BUT [The game has] unprecedented world simulation and effects, including environmental destruction, roaming wildlife, dynamic weather, foliage displacement, tracks, blood trails, fire and water effects, fully immersing players into the experience of being the hunter—or the hunted. So potentially a lag fest at the start, rubber banding and low end Pc's not being able to play properly. PUBG has thrived because of its 'simplicity' and ease of access for the majority of gamers.