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  2. Rockstar teases a Red Dead Redemption 2 thing for next week

    i hope it does
  3. Rockstar teases a Red Dead Redemption 2 thing for next week

    Yes i loved playing this on Xbox if it is deffo coming out on PC that would be awesome :)
  4. New vehicles is good. I'm looking forward to night maps. Hoping that is in the pipeline for release soon
  5. If get this for the single player campaign when it comes down in price. Looks really good
  6. Rockstar teases a Red Dead Redemption 2 thing for next week

    Please god let it come to PC. I don't want to dust the ps4 off just to play this
  7. Last week
  8. Sledgehammer games co-founder Glen Schofield also said the new game will differentiate between Nazis and Germans. The recent Call of Duty: WWII story trailer, and the four squad trailers that followed, focused exclusively on the American soldiers of the US First Infantry Division, who experience the war from the beaches of Normandy to other "iconic" battlefields across Europe. But Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield told GQ that while Private Ronald "Red" Daniels of the Big Red One is the game's central character, he's not the only one whose story will be told. "You won’t play as a German in the single player, but you do play as other Allies. You play as a female French resistance soldier, as an RAF pilot, and as a tank commander," he said. "But it all comes back to Ronald 'Red' Daniels. He’s a kid from Texas and it’s a story about him and his brother. They basically walk through France, with 60 pounds on their back, a 10 pound weapon, and lousy equipment. You’ll liberate Paris, but then it goes to hell again. We show the euphoria and then the letdown.” While COD:WWII is heavy on "spectacle," Schofield also emphasized the studio's commitment to historical accuracy. He related a story about speaking to historian and consultant Marty Morgan about a train wreck that occurs in the game. "I’d call Marty up and say, ‘I need a train. I need a very important train. Around April of 1944.’ He came back with four different ones, we narrowed it down to two, and the final one was more interesting than what I was coming up with myself," he said. The train crash that came out of all that effort, he noted, "is major." Schofield said the new game won't "shy away from some of the big things," like racism, sexism, and "all the brutalities." But it will also "make a distinction between Nazis and Germans," he added. "One of the first things we did was talk to people from Germany and people said to us, 'I’m a German not a Nazi'. We make sure we have that distinction in there as well—the human side of both sides." Call of Duty: WWII will be out on November 3. Before that happens, a multiplayer beta will get underway on the PC on September 29.
  9. Whatever the case, it's definitely a van. When Brendan Greene did a PUBG AMA earlier this week, he said the forthcoming new map will also feature three new vehicles. At the time, he teased that we'd have to "wait and see" what they are, but now we know what at least one of them will be. It will be a van heavily reminiscent of the ye olde Volkswagen Kombi vans. As for the other two, we'll have to keep waiting to see. This particular van will be an especially stylish way to barrel dangerously throughout PUBG's sprawling maps, but unlike the Kombi's reputation – at least here in Australia – it likely won't be a symbol of peace and love. In addition to the new vehicles, Greene hinted at a bunch of other stuff that PUBG players can look forward to.
  10. Is the PC announcement finally on the way? Red Dead Redemption 2 will be out next year, and while it hasn't yet been confirmed for the PC, nobody's come around and said that it's not coming to the PC, either. And until they do, I'm going to keep paying attention and taking notice when something happens—something like, for instance, this. What could be it? Ideally, it'll be a solid launch date (right now RDR2 is set for the loosely-defined second quarter of 2018), a new trailer, and confirmation that a PC version is on the way. But I'd be willing to settle for just one of those things. I'll let you guess which one.
  11. PunkBuster Booting

    I was having the same problem, I just ran the punkbuster program in the Hardline install location, it runs a few checks and tests connectivity, it'll show if anything is blocking it. Mine worked after I did it.
  12. wow nice people will con pair it to PUBG, so it might not go down well, but as you say the amount off players is very interesting and could be a lot off fun
  13. i used to play a game on playstation years ago called mag massive army game it was 64 a side i must say it worked quite well
  14. PunkBuster Booting

    yeah i use windows defender myself helps alot
  15. GingerWizards Music Club

    couldnt find full album on youtube
  16. PunkBuster Booting

    i think you do have to add bfh.exe in punk buster application
  17. PunkBuster Booting

    Thats what i use.... and yeah ive verified and with windows defender you dont need to add bfh.exe to it it works automatically but punkbusters still booting me ... its getting on my moobs :(
  18. PunkBuster Booting

    people use anti-virus.........?! haha windows defender all the way!!
  19. PunkBuster Booting

    Make sure you have the bfh.exe file whitelisted in your anti virus if you have one that is
  20. PunkBuster Booting

    Have you tried verifying game files could have a corrupted file somewhere
  21. GingerWizards Music Club

    really chilled album and really well made. each song link is in description in youtube as couldnt find each individual song in a playlist.
  22. PunkBuster Booting

    OIOIIII guys... HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! Ive been trying to play BFH but every time the game loads it boots me and reinstalled the game and punkbuster and still doing it :( its getting really frustrating
  23. I really hope it works out! Could be a cluster f**k of people and be quite annoying as the games would be so much longer than pubg and then dying in the top 10 to then have to start again would suck. Pubg has the game length perfect in my opinion
  24. GingerWizards Music Club

    Bleed! :( you not like it?
  25. GingerWizards Music Club

    were do u find this kind of music makes my ears bleed lol
  26. yeah been looking at this myself
  27. This game is really awsome. Mutch mutch better than H1Z1.
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