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  • Some off the Games we play at the CeltS

  •  CeltS has been running since 2005, we have always had CeltS in our name, you may notice some tags you know. [CeltS] Soldiers, [CeltS] Clan, [CeltS] Community, [CeltS] Gaming and now [CWG] CeltS Warriors Gaming. 

    CeltS is now a family run clan, so come join as part of our extended family, pop on Discord https://discord.gg/nMR9Af5 and get to know us. 

    Recruitment is open, we are not looking for vast numbers but to steadily add to our clan with what fits with what we believe clan is. 

    So what do CeltS believe in now, we believe in having fun, we have now laid the foundations of a battlefield clan to be the foundation to form a strong clan where people get on and have fun. 

    We think it is important to say the players we dont need in our clan, trolls, player power, players not showing respect to other players. 

    We want to keep players motivated and feed off the community's energy, but in turn players creating a positive community vibe, if you stop evolving as a clan you die, true story! 

    We also are well respected Anti Cheat Clan in the gaming community, with over 1549 bans of Aug 2017


    CeltS Streaming Community - CeltS_TV 

    We are brand new to the Streamer side off things and are looking to build a strong community of like mined Streamers who want to grow. 

    We are looking for gamer's that like to stream spreading positivity and love in the community. What we want to achieve is to grow as a Streaming community for new and old streamers alike improving streams and attitudes one step at a time! 

    We encapsulate a group of streamers of all varieties large and small, who stream a variety of games We also provide a Discord for Streamers to call home and chill We are here so we can show each other support and grow as a Community 

    If you think you would like to help us grow that would be Awesome 

    Senshudo.TV:Next Assassin's Creed To Be Announced Tuesday

    Ben Bot
    By Ben Bot,

    Ubisoft will reveal the next installment of Assassin's Creed to the world next week, it announced with a teaser image today.

    The worldwide reveal will take place on May 12th at 9AM PST according to the Tweet sent out by Ubisoft. No information or updates about the title were given, but a photo was included in the tweet (seen below)

    Oppression has to end! New #AssassinsCreed. World Premiere May 12 9am PST >> http://t.co/bMzEgx1fY8 || pic.twitter.com/FiRc0irS61

    — Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) May 7, 2015

    The next game has been rumored to take place in the Victorian era and has also been rumored to be called Assassin's Creed: Victory or Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

    View the full article @ www.senshudo.tv

    Senshudo.TV:PC Centric E3 Press Conference Announced

    Ben Bot
    By Ben Bot,

    Make room for another press conference in your E3 schedule. Besides the usual Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences, AMD and PC Gamer are bringing the "PC Gaming Show" to E3 on Tuesday June 16th at 5PM PDT.

    The conference--joining other press conference newcomers Bethesda--will be able to be streamed live on Twitch TV and will be held at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, hosted by Sean "Day[9]" Plott.  A wide list of atendees and speakers have alread been announced and it includes impressive names such as Blizzard Entertainment and Obsidain along with Humble Bundle and Square Enix. AMD and PC Gamer have said that more speakers will be announced at a later date.


    View the full article @ www.senshudo.tv

    Senshudo.TV:Bethesda to hold their first conference at E3

    Ben Bot
    By Ben Bot,

    If you’ve been following the lead up to E3 closely, you’ll have no doubt heard about Bethesda booking a slot for their very own conference at E3 this year- for the very first time. This meaning that we’re expecting something big

    It’s been four years since the last role-playing game was released by Bethesda with the release of the latest game in the immensely popular and well-loved Elder Scrolls series, ‘Skyrim’. In addition to this it’s been nearly five years since the last release of a Fallout title, ‘Fallout New Vegas’. Already confirmed by Bethesda is an announcement of a new RPG with a lot of discussion about a possible outcome being the next game in the Fallout series. Another possibility for the conference is an announcement of a sequel to Dishonoured which was published by Bethesda in 2012.

    After the invites started popping out in April, Senshudo TV has been invited to the Bethesda conference on June 14.

    View the full article @ www.senshudo.tv

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