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    We are brand new to the Streamer side off things and are looking to build a strong community of like mined Streamers who want to grow. 

    We are looking for gamer's that like to stream spreading positivity and love in the community. What we want to achieve is to grow as a Streaming community for new and old streamers alike improving streams and attitudes one step at a time! 

    We encapsulate a group of streamers of all varieties large and small, who stream a variety of games We also provide a Discord for Streamers to call home and chill We are here so we can show each other support and grow as a Community 

    If you think you would like to help each other grow that would be Awesome 

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    Streamers united - A community of supportive streamers

    Est. Oct 2017

    CeltS TV - Community Gamers

    We are a Friendly bunch off People that love to Hang out play Games and have fun doing it! We are always looking for new people to join us for a few games.

    We are always willing to help out where we can and make you feel right at home. Pop onto our Discord and say hello,

    We hope to here from you soon     

     We also are well respected Anti Cheat Community in the gaming community, with over 1552 bans of Oct 2017



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    Have a look at four new PUBG desert map screenshots

    By IrishAceKavo,

    There's a city in the desert.



    Brendan Greene, the "PlayerUnknown" who gives PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds its catchy, easy-off-the-tongue title, has shared a fresh batch of work-in-progress images of the new desert map revealed back in July. 

    The new images showcase a landscape that's quite a bit more built-up than what we've seen previously, with multiple multi-storey buildings in various states of construction and disrepair, a low-slung shopping plaza, and a crumbling main street running through it. There's also what is very clearly a prison—always a fun place in post-apoc scenarios—and a more wide-open desert area, featuring a run-down single-storey house.

    The new screens promise a good mix of environments, and I'm especially excited by the prospect of a proper urban area to blast away in. Still, there's only so much you can get from screenshots; fortunately, we got some hands-on time with the new map last month that you can dive into right here.

    A new Destiny 2 Faction Rally starts next week, here's what you need to know

    By IrishAceKavo,

    This will be the first Faction Rally available on the PC.


    Destiny 2 Faction Rallies are restricted to players who have reached level 20 and finished the campaign, so if you're not there yet and have no idea what "factions" are, don't sweat it—go finish the game and then come on back when you're done. (Don't feel a need to rush, though, these are repeating events.) For everyone else, since the new one announced yesterday will be the first Faction Rally that PC players can take part in, read on. 

    (And yes, if you're not eligible yet but curious anyway, you're welcome to come along too.)

    Faction Rallies are week-long events that pit the game's three factions—Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy—against one another in indirect competition. While the rally is live, players who have pledged to a faction will earn tokens by completing various sorts of tasks like public events, looting Lost Sectors, taking part in the Crucible, or running strikes or raids. Those tokens can be turned in to faction vendors for engrams, which will deliver faction-themed legendary armor and weapons, and also cosmetic items. Here are the guns...


    New Monarchy


    Dead Orbit


    Future War Cult

    The faction that's acquired the most engrams when the rally wraps up is declared the winner, and for one week thereafter its members will have the opportunity to buy the "Winner's Offering" weapon for 1000 Glimmer. Everyone else will be able to buy it too, but it'll cost 50,000 Glimmer. The three possibilities are pictured in the gallery below.



    New Monarchy sword.


    Dead Orbit grenade launcher.


    Future War Cult fusion rifle.

    The first Faction Rally ran through the end of September and into October, and was won by Dead Orbit—the "space goths," as Eurogamer described them. The next one will begin on November 7 and run to November 13, and since it will be the first for a lot of us, here are a few links to help you prepare: A detailed rundown of Faction Rallies at bungie.net, and courtesy of Reddit, what you need to know about which Faction is right for you and what you can expect from each of them, and all the Faction weapon drops you can look forward to. 



    Multiplayer FPS Squad is having a free weekend starting Thursday

    By IrishAceKavo,

    50% off the full game for the duration of the event.


    Squad may still be in alpha but it's good enough already for you to consider jumping in: Evan named it in his list of best Multiplayer FPSes you probably aren't playing (and the reload animation for its M4 is one of the best in gaming). If you haven't formed your own band of brothers yet then you'll get your chance next weekend—the game is free from Thursday (November 9) at 10am PST.

    It will also be half price for the whole of the weekend, which will put it at £15/$20. For that you're getting slow-paced firefights with large squads in modern, Afghanistan and Iraq-inspired maps. It's more realistic than games like Battlefield, but tries to be more accessible than Arma, which should be a happy middle ground for a lot of people.

    The game is in Early Access, and will be until the end of this year. The full version will boast 50vs50 battles, base building and a full garage of vehicles. 


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