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    sunday about 4pm / monday 2pm then just some random times i get chance as i work hard in the week
    Welcome to Monstercat FM
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  • CeltS TV - Community Streamers

    We are brand new to the Streamer side off things and are looking to build a strong community of like mined Streamers who want to grow. 

    We are looking for gamer's that like to stream spreading positivity and love in the community. What we want to achieve is to grow as a Streaming community for new and old streamers alike improving streams and attitudes one step at a time! 

    We encapsulate a group of streamers of all varieties large and small, who stream a variety of games We also provide a Discord for Streamers to call home and chill We are here so we can show each other support and grow as a Community 

    If you think you would like to help each other grow that would be Awesome 

    Cmty Retweet #celtssupportstreamers

    Twitch Community & Channel

    https://www.twitch.tv/communities/celts_tv [twitch.tv] Give us a Follow 
    https://go.twitch.tv/celts_tv [go.twitch.tv] 

    Streamers united - A community of supportive streamers

    Est. Oct 2017

    CeltS TV - Community Gamers

    We are a Friendly bunch off People that love to Hang out play Games and have fun doing it! We are always looking for new people to join us for a few games.

    We are always willing to help out where we can and make you feel right at home. Pop onto our Discord and say hello,

    We hope to here from you soon     

     We also are well respected Anti Cheat Community in the gaming community, with over 1552 bans of Oct 2017



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    Fortnite Battle Royale update adds new inventory UI, boosts performance

    By IrishAceKavo,

    Update 1.10 out now.


    Fortnite Battle Royale has become a great, arcadey alternative to PUBG's plodding pace, reckons Samuel Horti and I couldn't agree more. Developer Epic Games outlined plans to improve the online shooter's overall PC performance last month—and its latest update targets exactly that. Battle Royale's update 1.10 is live now. 

    Hitting the likes of CPU performance, framerates, animation trail effects and particles, glider physics and rendering lighting and shadows, among a number of other things, Fortnite BR's latest patch is busy on the performance front. Check out the full extent of the update's performance nips and tucks in this direction.

    Beyond that, players can expect changes to aim assist—it should now be easier to lead targets with the sniper rifle, for example, however reloading now takes place outside of scoped view—and a new inventory UI. The latter looks like this, wherein Epic aims to "ease a lot of the pain points for controller players and 


    A host of other less immediately obvious fixes have also been made to UI, audio and spectating. Update 1.10 will be applied automatically the next time you sign into the Epic launcher. Check out the latest patch notes in full over here.

    Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event returns December 12

    By IrishAceKavo,

    Hanzo, Junkrat, and Roadhog are three of many characters set to receive Legendary skins.


    Overwatch's Winter Wonderland seasonal event returns December 12, bringing with it old and new holiday-themed character skins as well as a new Brawl, Mei's Yeti Hunt. 

    In the above developer update, game director Jeff Kaplan teased a few heroes that would be receiving new Legendary skins: "two of our favorite junkers," also known as Junkrat and Roadhog, as well as Hanzo, who will be receiving an outfit that has been previously seen in one of Overwatch's comics.

    The holiday brawl from last year, Mei's Snowball Offensive, will be back this year—both on Ecopoint Antarctica and now Black Forest as well. A new holiday brawl is also on deck: Mei's Yeti Hunt. This new mode will pit five Mei players against a single overpowered Winston (no doubt sporting his Yeti skin). 

    In the mode, which takes place on the Nepal map, the Mei players will start out hunting Winston while he tries to evade them and track down stacks of meat. Once Winston has enough meat, his Primal Rage ultimate will activate, sending him into a monstrous fury. At that point, the Mei players' sole objective is to run away and survive. 

    We expect to get a glimpse of more skins leading up to the event next week. Personally, I'm hoping for this Santa Reinhardt outfit that's been making the rounds.

    World War Z is a four-player co-op survival game, coming next year

    By IrishAceKavo,

    'We're all alone and they just keep coming.'


    The first big announcement out of The Game Awards came right at the start of the pre-show, and it's World War Z, a four-player co-op survival-shooter inspired by the "blockbuster film franchise."

    The World War Z campaign will focus on "unique survivor stories and missions around the globe, including New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem," Saber Interactive said. Players will have to use traps, barriers, and the environment to survive and fight back against rampaging hordes of undead. 

    "Saber has tons of experience working on high-quality games and they've done a great job capturing the massive, frantic hordes of 'zekes' that sets our franchise apart,” Bil Bertini of Paramount Pictures said.  “They have created a fiercely original experience in the rich universe of World War Z that fans are sure to love.” 

    World War Z is currently expected to be ready for release in 2018. Find out more about wwzgame.com

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